All Arizona Star Party!
The monsoon storms are almost over...
the skies are clearing again...
it's getting cooler...
It must be time for a big star party!
East Valley Astronomy Club invites you to attend the

2018 All-Arizona Star Party

Friday October 5 and Saturday October 6
Hovatter Airstrip Site   (South of I-10 and Hovatter Rd [Exit 53])
N 33° 34' 50" W 113° 35' 53"
Elevation: 1,378 ft. or about
420 m


East Valley Astronomy Club, Inc. - Star Party Etiquette

Antennae Site CSC



Click on AZ for the All-Arizona Star Party Site Map

Map showing the general location of the observing site

Hovatter Road Airstrip Site is the location of the this year's All-Arizona Star Party. The observing field is located about 90 miles west of Phoenix, along Interstate 10, just south of the Hovatter Rd exit (Exit 53). The sky conditions are very good, similar to  those of the old Vekol Road site and the former AASP site, Farnsworth Ranch.

This new site is classified as '2' on the Bortle scale, defined as having faint shadows cast by the Milky Way visible on white objects. Clouds are black holes in the sky. No light domes. The Milky Way has faint extensions making it 50 degrees thick. Limiting magnitude 7.1 to 7.5.  Sky brightness is 21.99 to 21.89 mags per square arc second.

The site offers the right combination of dark skies, good visibility and temperate nights that will encourage you to stay up well past your bedtime! It is important to note that this site is on US BLM land, and the hosts of the AASP have a permit from the US BLM for its usage. This is a primitive site - so if you need something you'll have to bring it with you! Porta-Potties will be available on site. Attendees are welcome to camp overnight at AASP.

        Friday  5  October             
Begin astronomical twilight 05:00
Sunrise 06:23
Moon Rise 02:25
Sun transit 12:14
Moon transit 09:23
Moonset 16:15
Potluck Dinner 17:00
Sunset 18:04
End astronomical twilight 19:27
Coffee at Hospitality Tent 22:00

Phase of the Moon on 5 October: 3 days before New Moon with 9% disk illuminated

        Saturday 6 October                
Begin astronomical twilight 05:01
Sunrise 06:23
Moon Rise 03:33
Sun transit 12:14
Moon transit 10:18
Temperance Union Happy Hour 16:00
Raffle ($1 per ticket or 6 for $5) 16:45
Chile Dinner $5 17:00
Sunset 18:03
Moonset 16:56
End astronomical twilight 19:25
Coffee at Hospitality Tent 22:00

Phase of the Moon on 6 October : 2 days before New Moon with 6% disk illumination


This map is a small excerpt (192mi east to west, by 230mi north-to-south) from the image of North America from the The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness. The central cross marks the location of the Antenna Site clear sky chart. Tiny crosses mark other charts. This map assumes an observer at sea level. A real observer should see a slightly darker sky.  As stated above, "Antennae Site" is classified as '2' on the Bortle scale. Limiting magnitude is 7.1 to 7.5.  Sky brightness is 21.99 to 21.89 mags per square arc second.



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Attendance at the 2018 All-Arizona Star Party is contingent upon your agreement to the terms in the following public disclosure:

In consideration of my attendance at the 2018 All-Arizona Star Party to be held at a site known as "Hovatter Road Airstrip Site", located  south of I-10 and Hovatter Rd (Exit 53)  on October 5 through October 6, 2018, I agree to hold harmless the East Valley Astronomy Club (EVAC) and the Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC), which are joint site permit holders and the US Bureau of Land Management as Land Owner,  and the United States Government in  general  from any claims, liabilities, losses, demands, causes of action, suits and expenses (including attorney fees), which may directly or indirectly be connected to the All-Arizona Star Party and/or my presence on the premises known as "Hovatter Road Airstrip Site" and  related areas.

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Looking forward to seeing you there under clear skies!