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Please complete the information requested. Then, print the form from your browser, sign the liablity release form and return at the next club meeting, or to the address at right, with a check made payable to EVAC for the amount due. Allow three months lead time for magazine renewals. Important: ALL memberships expire on December 31 of each year.

EVAC Treasurer
P.O. Box 2202
Mesa, Arizona 85214-2202
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$35.00 January - March (Family)
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$15.00 July - September
$17.50 July - September(Family)
$37.50 October - December  (includes following year)
$43.75 October - December  (Family includes following year)

Renewal (current members only)
$30.00 January - December
$35.00 January - December (Family)

Effective Immediately (December 6th, 2010) , EVAC will no longer accept payment for magazine subscriptions to ASTRONOMY or SKY AND TELESCOPE. All NEW subscriptions and/or RENEWALS should be handled by the individual members directly with the magazine(s).

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Liability Release Form

In consideration of attending any publicized Star Party hosted by the East Valley Astronomy Club (hereinafter referred to as “EVAC”) I hereby affirm that my family and I agree to hold EVAC harmless from any claims, liabilities, losses, demands, causes of action, suits and expenses (including attorney fees), which may directly or indirectly be connected to EVAC and/or my presence on the premises of any EVAC Star Party and related areas.

I further agree to indemnify any party indicated above should such party suffer any claims, liabilities, losses, demands, causes of action, suits and expenses (including attorney fees), caused directly or indirectly by my negligent or intentional acts, or failure to act, or if such acts or failures to act are directly or indirectly caused by any person in my family or associates while participating in an EVAC Star Party.

My signature upon this form also indicates agreement and acceptance on behalf of all minor children (under 18 years of age) under my care in attendance. EVAC only recognizes those who are members or invitees and who also have a signed Liability Release Form on file as participants at an EVAC Star Party.

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