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East Valley Astronomy Club offers four ways to join the club or renew your membership:

Click here for information on paying your dues in person at a regular monthly meeting

Click here to pay your dues with a check or money order mailed to the club

Click here to pay your dues using PayPal

Click here for instructions on paying your dues using your bank's online bill payment

Click here for a waiver form to print from your browser

The dues schedule is displayed below. Use whichever method you find most convenient. Regardless of which option you choose, please ensure that the Treasurer receives a membership application and a waiver form. These documents are necessary to process your request to join the club.

New Member Dues

(Based on month joining)

  • $30.00 January - March
  • $35.00 - January through March (Family)
  • $22.50 - April through June
  • $26.25 - April through June(Family)
  • $15.00 - July through September
  • $17.50 - July through September(Family)
  • $37.50 - October through December  (includes following year)
  • $43.75 - October through December  (Family includes following year)

EVAC New Members Guide

Membership applications: you may use either a or an

Thanks for your cooperation!