The EVAC Lunar Observing Program
Schroter's Valley

The EVAC Lunar Observing Program acquaints us with that one object most amateurs take for granted - the Moon. This program is for everyone: deep sky observers waiting for dark skies, amateurs living in heavily light-polluted urban areas, the young, the old, the experienced observer, the novice... everyone can gain something from studying our closest celestial neighbor. This program consists of 90 objects. The craters are segregated according to their best viewing opportunity. 
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If you enjoy observing the Moon, you are encouraged to also investigate the Lunar 100 observing program. This list, created by Charles Wood and first published in a Sky & Telescope article (April 2004) cannot be published here due to copyright restrictions.
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Feature Description
 Mare Crisium  The Sea of Crises is situated inside a large circular basin
 Mare Serenitatis  The Sea of Serenity is an example of a great lava plain
 Mare Tranquillitatis  The Sea of Tranquility
 Mare Fecunditatis  The Sea of Plenty
 Mare Imbrium  The Sea of Rains
 Mare Frigoris  The Frigid Sea
 Mare Nubium  The Sea of Clouds
 Mare Humorum  The Sea of Moisture
 Mare Vaporum  The Sea of Vapors
 Oceanus Procellarum  The Ocean of Storms
 Sinus Iridum  The Bay of Rainbows, discrete impact site from Mare Imbrium
 Sinus Medii  The Central Bay
 Sinus Roris  The Bay of Dew, located in the northwest quadrant
 Palus Somnii  The Marsh of Sleep is a lava plain smaller than maria
 Palus Epidemiarum  Small, dark plain with many hills and craterlets
 Sinus Aestuum  The Bay of Billows is a large lava plain east of Copernicus
 Lacus Mortis  The Lake of Death is a large area of dark terrain west of Hercules
 Palus Putredinis  The Marsh of Decay is a bay of Mare Imbrium
 Promontorium Laplace  Cape on the northeast edge of Sinus Iridum
 Promontorium Heraclides  Triangular group of mountains in Sinus Iridum
 Promontorium Agarum  Bright cape on Southeast edge of Mare Crisium
 Montes Alpes  Large mountain range on northeast edge of Mare Imbrium
 Montes Apenninus  Most impressive lunar mountains forming southeast border of Mare Imbrium
 Mons Hadley  A 15,000 foot peak in the Apennine Mountains
 Mons Piton  Isolated bright mountain on northeast edge of Imbrium plain
 Mons Pico  Isolated mountain on southern edge of the ruined crater Newton
 Rupes Altai  Scarp curving along southwest shores of Mare Nectaris
 Rima Hyginus  Rille intersecting the crater Hyginus
 Vallis Schroteri  Most easily observed sinuous rille, in photo at top of this page
 Vallis Alpes  Lava filled graben running through Alps Mountains
 Rupes Recta (Straight Wall)  A sloped ridge or fault on eastern shore of Mare Nubium
 Lunar Craters ~ 4 Days  
 Langrenus  Very large walled plain on eastern shore of Mare Fecunditatus
 Vendelinus  Battered ring plain south of the younger Langrenus
 Petavius  Walled plain with terraced walls, central mountains and deep rilles
 Cleomedes  Walled plain bordered by broad mountains
 Atlas  Half of the nicest crater pair with floor containing rilles, hills and craterlets
 Hercules  The smaller half with terraced walls, situated east of Lacus Mortis
 Endymion  Large formation in northeast quadrant, southwest of Mare Humboldtianum
 Macrobius  Plain with widely terraced walls
 Picard  Largest and deepest crater on the floor of Mare Crisium
 Furnerius  Great walled plain south of Petavius
 Petavius Wall  Massive walls with a fine, dark rille along the west side
 Messier / Messier - A  Small, deep crater pair on western lava plains of Mare Fecunditatus
 Proclus  Small, deep crater with extensive lunar rays
 Fabricius  Rugged crater with tall central peak
 Lunar Craters ~ 7 Days  
 Piccolomini  Walled plain with four bright pyramidal central peaks
 Theophilus  Young, well-preserved walled plain
 Cyrillus  Polygonal walled plain with northeast wall overlapped by Theophilus
 Catharina  Badly eroded, irregularly shaped, oldest of trio with Theophilus and Cyrillus
 Posidinius  Very large walled plain in northeast quadrant
 Fracastorius  Old walled plain with north wall destroyed by Nectaris lava flows
 Aristoteles  Large walled plain south of Mare Frigoris
 Eudoxus  Symmetrical wide-walled plain
 Cassini  Crater south of Alps Mountains with evidence of Imbrium lava flow intrusion
 Hipparchus  Very large walled plain with eroded borders in southeast quadrant
 Albategnius  Old impact site showing considerable erosion
 Aristillus  Walled plain with faint ray system on eastern shore of Mare Imbrium
 Autolycus  Smaller walled plain than its neighbor Aristillus
 Maurolycus  Region of saturation cratering in southeast quadrant
 Plinius  Round crater encircled by finely terraced walls
 Mitchell  Small crater outside of Aristoteles
 Cassini - A  Sizable crater contained within Cassini
 Manilius  Walled plain with squared-off southern walls
 Gemma Frisius  Deep pit situated north of Maurolycus in the southeast quadrant
 Lunar Craters ~ 10 Days  
 Plato  Extremely dark lava-flooded walled plain northeast of Mare Imbrium
 Archimedes  Largest walled plain on Mare Imbrium
 Ptolemaeus  Large walled plain located near the center of the Moon's nearside
 Alphonsus  Younger walled plain south of Ptolemaeus
 Arzachel  Younger still walled plain on eastern shore of Mare Nubium
 Walter  Part of a four crater chain east of Mare Nubium
 Maginus  Largely ruined crater
 Tycho  Huge walled plain, most obvious crater visible at full Moon
 Clavius  Very old impact site
 Eratosthenes  Impressive walled plain at the end of the Apennine Mountains
 Longomontanus  Extensive walled plain with heavily cratered walls
 Copernicus  Finest example of a walled plain on the lunar surface
 Bullialdus  Walled plain with roughly terraced walls and bright blanket of ejecta
 Aristarchus  One of the youngest of all lunar craters
 Gassendi  Great, wide walled plain in southwest quadrant
 Davy  Small crater to the east of Alphonsus
 Pitatus  Large lava-flooded lagoon-like ring on southern shores of Mare Nubium
 Billy  Old impact crater in Oceanus Procellarum
 Fra Mauro  Heavily eroded crater in Mare Nubium, landing site of Apollo 14 lies to the north
 Clavius craterlets  Arc of four craters (D, C, N, J) crossing the floor in east-west attitude
 Hippalus  Crater on the east side of Mare Humorum
 John Herschel  Walled plain north of Mare Frigoris
 Lunar Craters ~ 14 Days  
 Kepler  Polygonal crater perched atop elevated terrain west of Copernicus
 Grimaldi  One of the darkest spots on the Moon, located on western shoreline of Oceanus Procellarum
 Schickard  Large walled plain with low walls and smooth floor
 Reiner - Gamma  Unique splash of bright ejecta material

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