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The Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei is credited with pointing the first telescope skyward almost 400 years ago. With this instrument he saw mountains and craters on the Moon. He realized that the Milky Way is composed of stars, and he discovered the four largest satellites of Jupiter. From these humble beginnings in 1609, people have been stargazing ever since.

Amateur astronomers worldwide travel countless miles to congregate and gaze at the stars. Fortunately, you don't have to...

The East Valley Astronomy Club sponsors a free public star party each month at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert. The event is scheduled on the second Friday of each month, weather permitting. The star party begins at dusk. You are encouraged to attend and observe through member's telescopes.

If you would like to arrange a star party for your school, group or club please contact our Events Coordinator, Lynn Young.

Observers who want to share their telescopes at public or school star parties are encouraged to join the EVAC-Outreach mailing list.  This will enable members to coordinate their schedules, and get last minute updates.

To subscribe to the EVAC-Outreach mail group click the link below and enter your full email address in the box titled User Options.  You will receive a response email, and the Events Coordinator will add you to the list.
To unsubscribe use the same link, enter your email address and select Unsubscribe from the Choose An Action list.

The Riparian Institute hosts an astronomical lecture at 7:30 PM inside the library. A lecture on a general Astronomy or Space Science topic is given in the meeting room of the Southeast Regional Library at 7:30 PM. Please use the side entrance (not the main entrance) for access. Please also visit the observatory located in the domed building beside the lake. Donations are accepted to attend the lecture.

2019 Public Star Party Schedule

January 11th

February 8th

March 8th

April 12th

May 10th

June 14th

July 12th

August 9th

September 13th

October 11th

November 8th

December 13th


Public Star Party Location

The star party is held in the parking lot due east of the Southeast Regional Library. Heading east from the intersection of Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads, the entrance to the parking lot is the third driveway on the right. See the maps below:

Public Star Party

Located on the Southeast corner of N. Greenfield Road and E. Guadalupe Road in Gilbert, AZ. Just 1.5 miles South of US-60 Superstition Freeway (take Exit 185 - Greenfield Road exit South). Additional parking available in the Southeast Regional Library parking lot off Guadalupe Road.    

Click on the map above to go to Google Maps for directions from your location.

Please visit the Riparian Preserve for more information on their mission to promote development of strategies and actions to reserve and protect unique water environments and their ecological value, while meeting the education and recreation aspirations of visitors to these areas.

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