Equipment Review/Accessories


1.25 Filter Storage Box


Bill Dellinges (Jan. 2004)


This is not a review per se, but just a tip to share with fellow gazers. For some years now, Ive used a small tackle box to store my five color filters and moon filter. It works great and beats trying to pry open the individual boxes they come in. Im currently using model 3448-6 from Plano Molding Company of Plano, Illinois (See photo). I found this product at Popular Sports in the fishing department, costing about $1.50. I have also seen them at Ace Hardware and Wal-Mart. It measures 4x 2.5x 1. The 1 depth means youll have to place small squares of foam pad or Styrofoam in the bottom of each of the six sections. This will have three benefits: your fingertips can reach the filters, it keeps filters from flopping around in its tray, and you can mark the foam with a black marker to identify it (as its difficult to differentiate color filters at night with a red flashlight). I also added a label maker letter to the top of the case for the same reasons. My case contains red, yellow, blue, orange, and red filters plus a moon filter. One could also remove a foam pad and keep two filters (such as light and dark blue), screwed together in a tray section. Thus up to twelve filters could be stored. While not a watershed discovery, anything that makes our hobby easier is worth sharing with others, and this little inexpensive box has done just that for me for years.