Product Review


Orion Ultra Brush

By Bill Dellinges


Purchased from Orion Telescopes

Price: $5.49


It may be ridiculous to review such an minor accessory, but I like this brush so much, I wanted to share my pleasure of this little dust remover with fellow club members. Such an accessory is actually quite important when you realize it’s the first step- removing particles from the glass surface-before you actually clean your $200 plus eyepiece. Over the years I’ve bought many lens brushes. Most are ok. One, from Edmund Scientific was even very similar to the Orion brush but had one huge problem-the price label on it, after removal, left a sticky spot on it that I found impossible to remove. I finally just put a piece of scotch tape around it to cover it. The Orion “Ultra Brush dust Remover” (stock# 05830) is the “lipstick” style where you remove the cap and twist till the brush becomes exposed. This protects and keeps the soft bristles clean, which, by the way, are the biggest and softest I’ve seen in a brush in this size class. The case is a handsome blue. It’s made in Taiwan. I wish they’d make a large version of this unit for dusting off large areas, like a corrector plate! Note shipping ($5.94) is equivalent to its cost, so one might consider ordering several to make it worth your while. Be the first on your block to get one.