Orion's DeepMap 600

by Sam Herchak

DeepMap 600
by Wil Tirion
Orion, $13.95

The idea of a folding star map that covered the whole sky seemed like a good idea to me. While at Riverside last year (RTMC), I bought one at a discount. It isn't perfect, but I like the product.

I will just mention its highpoints; 10" x 5" folded size, waterproof/no-rip plastic "paper," and the object selection/data by Steve Gottlieb. For the map details, see Orion's website (www.telescope.com) or call for their free catalog at 1-800-447-1001.

Now I do have two big complaints: the blue background and the open cluster symbols. If you're like me, your red flashlight is just bright enough for reading black on white (like most books/magazines). Because of the blue background on DeepMap, you need a much brighter light to read the chart. The smaller open cluster symbols are also easy to confuse for stars at night, but you can get used to that.

Because of these two flaws, I personally wouldn't pay the catalog price of $13.95 for it. For $10.00 cash at RTMC, I'm happy with it though.