Equipment Review by Bill Dellinges

Kendrick 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery


Kendrick Astro Instruments, 1 800 393 5456,



After four years, my 12 volt battery from Astro-Physics, passed away. I believe AP got them from Kendrick, so I ordered a new one directly from this Canadian firm. The price was $125 (U.S.). I also ordered their voltmeter for $10. It’s a handy little device that tells you what charge the battery is currently at. Just plug it into the battery’s receptacle and you get two indications of charge. One is a liquid crystal display readout in a window showing volts, the other a set of three colored lights indicating the level of charge: low, medium, or high. This is a nifty gadget I highly recommend, as it lets you know exactly your battery’s status. Also, the red light in the wall charger turns green when the battery is fully charged. This unit is slightly bigger and heavier than my previous battery, but still fits in my small Sears plastic tool box which keeps the battery clean and out of the dirt (I also keep some small basic tools in it too for “field emergencies”). The battery comes in a handsome, sturdy black padded bag with a detachable carrying strap. Though I’ve only used it for several months now and about ten recharges, I’m impressed with its performance and reliability. A fellow gazer has the next size up battery from Kendrick and tells me it runs his NexStar 11 all night. (I use mine to run a C8 and a G-11 mount with a 5” refractor on it). So I’ll have to give this product two thumbs up!