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Shopping for astronomy equipment, books or software can be confusing. However, a concise, unbiased review by someone who actually uses the equipment can cut through the advertising hype and make purchase decisions much easier. Select the category below and check out what other astronomers have to say!

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Product Reviewer Date
Lunt Engineering 16x70 Binoculars Bill Dellinges 9/13/2015
Celestron 15x70 Cavalry Binoculars Bill Dellinges 4/29/2013
Lunt 80mm Solar Scope Bill Dellinges 7/16/2012
Vixen 7x50 Foresta Binoculars Bill Dellinges 12/24/2009
Oberwerk 80mm 45º Binocular Telescope Silvio Jaconelli 1/20/2006
Coronado Personal Solar Telescope Bill Dellinges 11/29/2004
Televue 85 Refractor Bill Dellinges 5/3/2003
Canon 15x50 IS Binoculars Silvio Jaconelli 4/19/2003
Astrosystems TeleKit (13.1") Peter Argenziano 3/5/2003
Swarowski 8x50 Binoculars Bill Dellinges 2/7/2003
Adlerblick 7x50 Binoculars Bill Dellinges 7/22/2002
Sky Quest XT8 Peter Argenziano 2/5/2002
Takahashi Epsilon-210 Astrograph Richard Jacobs, M.D. 8/30/2000
Miyauchi 20x100 Binoculars Bill Dellinges 2/4/2004 - Updated

Accessories and Parts

Product Reviewer Date
Optotronics 100 mw Laser Pointer Bill Dellinges 7/13/2012
Astro-Tech 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal Bill Dellinges 1/19/2010
Losmandy Counter Weight System for CPC-11 Bill Dellinges 6/4/2007
Thousand Oaks Optical 8" Off-axis Glass Solar Filter Bill Dellinges 5/15/2007
Astrozap flexible dew cap for Celestron 11" SCT Bill Dellinges 4/30/2007
Celestron 2 inch XLT Diagonal Bill Dellinges 4/2/2007
Wicked Lasers 35 Milliwatt Green Laser Bill Dellinges 3/3/2007
Stellarvue Muti-Reticle Finder Bill Dellinges 11/27/2005
Astrozap PST Caddy Bill Dellinges 5/26/2005
1.25" Filter Storage Box Bill Dellinges 5/3/2003
Orion Ultra Brush Bill Dellinges 3/1/2003
Howie Glatter Laser Pointer Bill Dellinges 1/9/2003
Astrosystems Telescope Cover Bill Dellinges 1/1/2003
3 n 1 Tray by Startek Industries Bill Dellinges 12/23/2002
Experiences with the Purchase of a Binoviewer Silvio Jaconelli 12/14/2002
Lens Pen Bill Dellinges 10/28/2002
Beta Green Laser Pointer Bill Dellinges 10/28/2002
Celestron Vibration Pads Bill Dellinges 8/24/2002
Orion Flashlight Bill Dellinges 8/24/2002
Kendrick Battery Bill Dellinges 7/22/2002
Binoviewer Shootout Jim Gutman 7/5/2002
JMI NGF-DX2 Focuser Robert Kerwin 2/5/1999

Books and Software

Title Reviewer Date
Edwin Hubble - Mariner of the Nebulae Bill Dellinges 11/6/2006
Nebulae and How to Observe Them Peter Argenziano 11/6/2006
Consolidated Lunar Atlas Peter Argenziano 8/1/2004
Seeing in the Dark Bill Dellinges 1/10/2004
The Great Atlas of the Stars Bill Dellinges 9/13/2002
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide Jon Christensen 2/27/2000
OSLO LT Ray Tracer Rick Scott 9/10/1999
Planetarium Programs Sam Herchak 2/5/1999
SkyAtlas 2000, 2nd edition Tom Polakis 2/15/1999
Orion DeepMap 600 Sam Herchak 4/30/1999